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ELENA, Student

"OAD is loving and kind. The teachers are always by our side."

EMILY, Student

"OAD has inspired me to become a person who is confident and doesn't give up."

MADDIE, Student

"OAD has shown me that with hard work, respect, and creativity, I can reach for the stars! "


The Importance of Beginning Correctly...

Developing a young dancer's technical foundation is so important. It is our job as dance educators to make sure that they are taught properly from the beginning, to ensure they have the correct skills as they move forward in their dance journeys.


Why Not Just Dance Because You Love It?

Everyone has their own reasons for dancing, however, having fun and enjoying the process is the most important thing. OAD recreational dancers have something a little bit special though, as they are taught by our esteemed faculty of professional teachers, in a class setting that is still challenging and motivating. While all dancers dance for different reasons, at OAD, we believe that the only thing that separates a "recreational" dancer from a "competitive" dancer is that recreational dancers do not take part in competitions. Therefore, all dancers should be able to take technique classes that provide the highest level of training whether they take part in competitive program, or a recreational program.


Some of the OAD Recreational Perks

All recreational dancers are invited to attend any of our OAD guest workshops or any other studio related events. As well, when registering for our recreational program, dancers are able to purchase an "amount" of classes, and therefore, they can decide which classes to take each week, having the flexibility to change up their own weekly dance training!


End of The Year Show

All recreational dancers will have the opportunity to take part in our year end show, that will be performed at the end of the dance season at a local theatre venue.  This is an amazing experience for our dancers to be able to get on stage and to showcase what they have learned all season long!  What is unique about our year end show is that it is not a typical “recital”; instead, we write and produce an original show, providing the dancers the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a cast member in a professional production.


Everyone has their own reasons for dancing, however, having fun and enjoying the process is the most important thing.


Ballet/Jazz Combo, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Tap Jams , Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro, Jumps and Turns, Contortion, Tumbling, Open Combo / Improvisation.

Company 1- 5-7 yrs
Company 2- 7-9yrs
Company 3- 9-11yrs
Company 4- 11-13yrs
Company 5- 13yrs and older
Company 6- 13yrs and older, Adv Level

*class levels are placed according to ability.  Age is merely a guideline.*



Registration is done via email, so shoot us an email and we will guide you through the process!


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