We believe that all children have a great potential hidden inside of them.

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RYAN, Student

"OAD has helped me become the individual I aspire to be by teaching me that when times get hard, keep on going, don't give up, and to persevere."

MADISON, Student

"OAD makes me feel like I have a family, but also pushes me to my full potential by offering me real world experiences."

STELLA, Student

"Being a student at OAD has taught me many life lessons, especially being more outgoing and confident."


Work harder than the person beside you, and then, when you receive an opportunity, know that it has been earned.

COMPETITITIVE AUDITIONS for the 2018 / 2019 have begun!  Please email the studio for information on how to audition for our competitive team for the upcoming dance season!


Here at OAD, we have been able to establish an elite group of dancers whom we call “The Company”. These dancers are eager and ready to explore all the different areas of dance in an environment that will challenge and inspire them.

The Competitive Company is a group of dancers who strive for the same excellence in dance. These dancers are able to pick up choreography very quickly (possibly understudy pieces at the last minute), are extremely versatile, and who strive on the experiences of getting to perform at Ontario’s most elite dance competitions.  Dancers in the competitive company strive on being challenged and pushed to reach their maximum potential.  The dancers learn routines in various dance disciplines that will continue to develop their versatility and growth as an artist.  This elite training program not only allows for the dancers to be pushed physically, but it teaches them the importance of team work, commitment and work ethics, as well as, provides them with the opportunity to be able to achieve their personal goals.

The Company will travel to 4 Regional competitions between March-April each season, as well as perform in our annual Competitive Company Showcase before the competitive season begins.


How Does Competitive Dance help shape my future?

Being on a competitive team enables you to learn many life skills such as, time management, responsibility, team work, and commitment.  It also enables you to learn how to work with other people in order to achieve the same goal. The confidence that you develop through a program such as this will help build the foundation to being a strong, confident, and fearless person. Our young dancers become comfortable with themselves, and are proud of who they are and of who they are becoming.


Aspiring Professional Preparation

There is no better avenue that prepares dancers more for the professional industry than competitive dance. Being involved in a competitive program not only maintains a high level of training and versatility, but allows for the dancer's to get on stage and perform at a very high level. In a competitive program, the dancers continue to exercise their minds by having to retain choreography and then execute it in a high pressure setting. This type of mental training cannot be achieved in just a technique class training program. Any dancer considering a potential professional dance career should be encouraged to fulfill a full competitive program until completion of their senior dance year.

In addition to this program, our faculty teachers are able to further prepare our dancers as they themselves, are current professionals.  Such things as, head shots, audition skills, exposure to industry connections, etc, will be available to these students. Students in this program will get the opportunity to travel with the staff to other workshops, and assist our faculty as they guest teach at various events. Believing that exposure plays a key role in the success of a dancer, we will give our dancers as much opportunity to meet key professionals in the industry as possible, which will help them "get their feet in the door." 


2018 Important Dates

COMPETITIVE SHOWCASES: Saturday Feb 4th: Solos Showcase / Monday Feb 26th: Ensemble Showcase
COMPETITIONS: Mar 2-4th: Terpsichore  / Mar 22-25th: Dance Canada  / Apr 6-8th: On The Floor  / Apr 13-15th: Fever  
YEAR END SHOW: OAD Presents... "WICKED" on Sunday June 3rd


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